Starting your own boutique or craft or handmade small business tips- tutorial ebook – advice from Goosie Girl – mentoring – photography


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Welcome to Goosie Girl University!

This is an ebook that will be helpful to those who are interested in starting a handmade/crafty/boutique online business.

Have you THOUGHT about turning your crafty “hobby” into a business?

Have you opened an online custom boutique website but you have no idea how to get off to a great start?

These are the top 5 things I suggest to getting your brand new business off to a great start!

Everyday I get emails from people that ask me for help. They see the success and visibility I have achieved and they want to know how I did it. I have learned many lessons over the years, most I have learned the HARD way~ and I don’t want new boutique/handmade businesses to have to go through what I have gone through.

So many people have asked me for advice, and tips on how to get started and it’s inspired me to put into words, my top advice for those JUST STARTING out and don’t know what to do, or where to begin!!

Level: Beginner

Easy to understand, nicely organized, and clearly presented advice and tips for those just starting out.

Topics Covered:

Choosing a name for your business
Protecting your business name and identity
Going Legit
What will you sell?
Business identity & my interpretation of branding
Suggested reading list
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What people are saying about other Goosie Girl ebooks and instructions:

“Love the e-book! Can’t wait to get started!! Thank you much for this well thought out tutorial 🙂 ”

“Instructions to making the bows are well thought out and easy to follow. She has good pictures to go along with her instructions.”

“Thank you Heather! Your instructions are excellently written! …Awesome Instructions, Pleasant Seller & Very Fast Delivery! Clear and easy to follow and well worth the price.”

“Received instructions for raggie bows yesterday. The are GREAT!!!! You certainly did a super job when you wrote the instructions. They are really clever and you can see you put a lot of thought and work into your design. Know my granddaughters will love them.”

“OMG, love it! Thanks so much!!!”

“I like instructions that are clear, concise and have easy to see pictures this set of instructions fits the bill”

“Heather, thank you for making the ebook and sharing your instructions.”


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